Download Nitro Browse

Fast, private and secure browsing available for free.

A mobile web browser built with the intentions to only include only core browsing functionalities. The result is lightning fast browsing that doesn't compromise your privacy: For users who want a secure, familiar experience, Nitro Browse provides an accelerated experience.

We also supply our own instant search engine to help you to perform private searches and without your data being sold to third parties and ad networks. All searches are automatically routed through a nearby VPS to help mask your identity, and still access live data from important companies such as Google.

Why Choose Nitro Browse?

3X - 10X Faster

Nitro Browse lets you surf the web faster than Chrome and Safari browsers.

No Background Activity

Experience enhanced privacy protection and longer battery life.

Browsing Privacy

With Nitro Browse your online data is never collected or stored at any point.

Secure File Handling

Keep your files secure. Nitro Browse handles your files directly without caching.

File Support Nitro Browse Chrome Safari
Power Points
Excel Spreadsheets

Technical Features

Check out what is under the hood

Accurate True Colors

Ready for any wide color display, deeper dynamic colors will breath vibrant life into media and images across the web. View as true to the original as possible.

Crafted Font Smoothing

Read text with joy when using Nitro Browse built-in anti aliasing applied to fonts across the web, bringing out the beauty and crispness of each.

WebGL + Hardware Acceleration

Faster performance for interactive graphics and animations allowing you to experience rich media at it's finest with seamless processing across devices.

3D Touch Behavior

Newer phones supporting 3D touch can take advantage of quick actions by sliding or applying various amounts of pressure to interactive elements.

Fast Tap

While using Nitro Browse on iOS, you will experience incredibly increased rate of response when interacting with buttons or links while browsing the web.

Closed Captions

For any embedded video with closed captions, keep an eye out for additional video controls to activate closed captioning assistance options.

ARIA Standard Accessibility

Supporting Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA), advanced websites powered by ajax and javascript will interoperate with assistive software.

Standards Compliant IndexedDB

Recently introduced, the standard compliant implementation of IndexedDB provides a much faster way for developers to manage structured data for online applications.