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What is Nitro Browse?

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Nitro Browse is a web browser.

Built with privacy and speed in mind, Nitro Browse respects your privacy and your resources. Browse your favorite websites across iOS and Android devices by using our mobile web browser.

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Nitro Browse is a Search Engine.

Instantly search the entire web with our search engine. Find anything - answers, news and images. With Nitro Browse, you can safely search the web in confidence and speed.

Why Use Our Search Engine?

256-bit Encryption

All search data is encrypted by 256-bit SSL security certificates. Your information is safe from public networks.

Tracker Blocking

Your history is hidden from the websites you visit helping to keep you anonymous by automatically covering your tracks.

Search Privacy

Your personal information is never stored or recorded on our servers, and is never provided to any third party.

Fastest Mobile Web Browser

Browse your favorite websites across iOS and Android devices by using our mobile web browser. Don’t sacrifice value for speed. With Nitro Browse, you can have both. Nitro Browse is expertly designed to maintain the same standard of service as most popular web browsers without sacrificing any of the speed. This is because Nitro Browse omits all the bulk extensions that come with generic web browsers which only serve third party trackers and are virtually unseen by the user everytime they use the browser.

Nitro Browse will support all your favorite applications while reducing the speed and data it takes to load them. Opt into making NItro Browse your default browser and the difference it will make in your day to day lives will be uncanny. Using the Nitro Browse Web Browser as your default mobile web browser application will save you time, energy and data for your device which would otherwise be spent loading all the extra baggage that provides no use to you. Nitro Browse web browser is fast and efficient.

Our mobile browser has no interest in tracking you or giving your information to third party trackers. Nitro Browse keeps your personal interest in mind because life is made easier when you do. Finally, a web browser that can do all a generic one does, without doing anything a generic one does. Yes, that means giving you all the service speed and efficiency for your device while omitting all the burdens of tracking and hidden plug ins. Start enjoying Nitro Browse today. Nitro Browse, it’s the only way to search.

Private Mobile Web Browser

Nitro Browse is the most complete web browser for your mobile device. With the same functionality of any web browser across different mobile OS. Nitro Browse can offer you utility and security without compromising any value. Nitro Browse mobile web browser was developed to serve users of all phone make and builds.

With privacy and speed in mind, Nitro Browse respects your privacy and your resources. This means you are able to access the internet without the burden of tracking or data theft.

Default Browsers that are provided within popular operating systems are often hard coded into the software and use data manipulation techniques to target ads, track your location, and make approximate estimations about your internet usage to make predictions about your lifestyle. More often than not, web browsers know you better than you know yourself. This is one of the ways a personalized digital world is built around us. Nitro Browse mobile web browser has a privacy first policy, and does not track any usage nor allow for any digital softwares to build profiles around you.

Given that our phone, and its accessories, are our lifeline, a segway into the vastly expanding internet, and most likely the only piece of equipment we carry with us all the time, we want to be sure we have autonomy over the data we choose to put out. Our mobile web browser is developed to keep your piece of mind as its top priority. It is committed to offering you all the same value of popular web browsers while keeping your agency strictly yours. When you use Nitro Browse, you will find your web surfing experience to be as seamless as always but with the added security of knowing no one is tracking your every move.

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Keep your browsing information hidden by using our private web browser. Your personal information will be kept safe while taking advantage of dozens of other benefits. Check it out:

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